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Suzuki 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa review Mr Ultimate First

Các bạn đang tìm từ khóa “Suzuki”, các bạn tìm đến đúng trang rồi. Hôm nay xin chia sẻ đến các bạn video “2021 Suzuki Hayabusa review – Mr Ultimate | First Ride | Autocar India” nhằm giải đáp các thắc mắc Suzuki của các bác. Cùng xem video bên dưới:

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa review – Mr Ultimate | First Ride | Autocar India

The third-gen Suzuki Hayabusa is here to shrink distances. Rishaad Mody has the full review.

Camerapersons: Dinesh Harale, Pradeep Bhondave
Editor: Siddhesh Kadam

0:00 – Introduction
1:22 – Engine and performance
3:34 – Ride comfort and practicality
4:20 – Riding position
4:50 – Electronics and rider aids
5:34 – Chassis, handling and weight
6:55 – Brakes
7:32 – Design and downsides
9:35 – Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 price and verdict

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