Suzuki- (E28) Sharon Connecticut Forest roads. KTM1290 Superadventure R Suzuki DRZ400S Washed out and water Mới nhất 2021

Suzuki E28 Sharon Connecticut Forest roads KTM1290 Superadventure R Suzuki

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(E28) Sharon Connecticut Forest roads. KTM1290 Superadventure R Suzuki DRZ400S Washed out and water

Took a trip with Gary to Sharon CT state forest, start at Mt Easter rd (41°53’15.4″N 73°24’43.5″W
) on the KTM1290 and DRZ400. After all the rain the roads were a little washed out and lots of water, the old Ranger cabin is located here (41°53’20.6″N 73°24’31.9″W
) side roads were full of mud, Gary didn’t want to get his bike dirty … oops. His KTM has low pressure warning, ended up being low air pressure!

Lost woman tubing article:

installed the cheaper option FCR39 China clone on my DRZ400 for $153, and I am more then happy with the results! Great power gains PLUS I did not pay the $1500 price tag they ask online for the OEM keihin fcr 39.
Uses STOCK throttle cables, retains stock airbox, no need to change upper frame brackets. I used stock 48 primary jet and a 160 main jet. Mixture screw 2 turns out.
The best mod for power gains I have done to my DRZ400 since I’ve owned it.

GoPro 5, 6, 7 Aluminum Cool Case:
FCR38 carb:
2” carb boot
Hose clamps:

Ride to Lowes:
Motocheez Half-life server:
Aluminum GoPro 7 cooling case:

Full Specs and parts links at

DR-Z400 YouTube playlist

ALL newest links, manuals, FAQ, technical info and modifications

2013 Suzuki DRZ400 links to mod list: More at
So far I’ve bought:

Pro Grip 714 Dual Sport hand Grip DRZ400
Cargo Rack Luggage Carrier Utility Rear Tail Holder Suzuki DRZ400
Dunlop D606 Rear 120/90-18 Dual Sport Off Road Motorcycle Tire
Dunlop D606 Dual Purpose Tire – Front – 90/90-21 32SF21
Ram X-grip phone holder
Joe Rocket tank bag
LED headlight (needs modification to work) My headlight was broken or I would have just put an LED bulb

Due to changing products, links, etc, If you want the most recent product links, go to and click the vehicle you’re looking for (upper right).
This keeps the links for all the parts more accurate. These I use and install on ALL my videos. I do not sell any of the items listed. (except key tags T-shirt once I make them)
Custom intro music and Voice-overs by Harp C Chord, Ryan Harper TY!

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