Suzuki- Suzuki Swace – Any Reason Not To Buy A Corolla? (ENG) – Test Drive and Review Mới nhất 2021

Suzuki Suzuki Swace Any Reason Not To Buy A

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Suzuki Swace – Any Reason Not To Buy A Corolla? (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

Suzuki Swace is a compact estate, which looks like the Toyota Corolla. Suzuki Swace not only looks like a Toyota Corolla. Underneath it’s a 1.8 Hybrid Synergy Drive.

Suzuki is all about small cars, which it sells mainly around Asia. The Japanese brand withdrew from the US market at the end of 2012. In Europe it’s still relevant thanks to crossovers and superminis. Suzuki is much bigger in motorcycles and outboard engines, but that’s for another time. Today we’re talking cars.

In 2020 Suzuki sold almost 2.5 million cars worldwide, out of which just 171 thousand were sold in Europe. Suzuki lacks engines, which meet increasingly strict EU emission norms, and therefore badly needs models, which will lower the fleet average. With relatively low sales in Europe, the company doesn’t want to invest in costly R&D. It’s quicker and cheaper to find a partner. Enter Toyota.

↔ Suzuki Swace dimensions:
✔ length: 4655 mm
✔ width: 1790 mm
✔ height: 1460 mm
✔ wheelbase: 2700 mm
✔ boot/trunk: 569 L

? Suzuki Swace starting price: 31 350 euro

? Suzuki Swace price as tested: 32 000 euro

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0:00 Intro
0:35 What is it?
2:00 Design
2:25 Boot/trunk
3:30 Back seat
3:58 Cockpit
5:05 Driving impressions
6:40 Saferty features
7:30 Price
7:47 Conclusion

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