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Suzuki The Real Reason Suzuki Are Struggling So Much This

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The Real Reason Suzuki Are Struggling So Much This Year

Joan Mir won the Riders’ Championship last year riding for Suzuki while Suzuki themselves were crowned the Team champions. However, this year they haven’t at all looked like a championship winning outfit with just three third place finishes in 9 races being their best showing. One of the big changes to come to the team during this period was the departure of team manager Davide Brivio who hasn’t been replaced yet. Joan Mir, in an exclusive interview with Motorsport, has now explained if Brivio’s departure led to their decline

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I’m your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Moto World:

Why Suzuki Are Struggling So Much This Year?

Mir got straight to the point about Brivio’s exit being a possible cause for their deterioration in performance

“I don’t think so. I think that for sure Davide was doing a super job here in Suzuki”

He then revealed the real reason for their slide backwards

“But I think it’s more what I said: We couldn’t find an improvement, a technical improvement, a big a step as the others”

He reiterated that it isn’t because of a lack of direction or because Suzuki aren’t trying

“That doesn’t mean Suzuki isn’t working – they are working. And Davide was not the one who was making the specs”

He then pointed out how the other teams managed to take a bigger stride this year

“So, in this case I think it’s more that they have to continue to improve and everything because we’ve seen that the others did it in a better way”

Suzuki’s management committee head Shinichi Sahara had recently stated that the team is not in a hurry to find a new team manager. Mir signed off by responding to that

“Well, I trust a lot on Sahara and honestly if he thinks this, it’s because it’s right. He’s the one who’s now leading everything and is inside the project and can see all the problems. And for sure, if he says this it’s for a reason”

Fast Feed

LCR Honda’s Alex Marquez pointed out that “it’s always a bit like that. [Interviewers] start by saying that they have a question about [his brother] Marc right away [Last on the Breaks podcast]

“They continue to talk about him throughout the interview. In the past it was in every race: ‘How’s Marc doing? How’s Marc? How’s Marc?’”

He further felt that he “wasn’t the right person to talk about it. Let them ask Alberto Puig or Emilio Alzamora, but I’m not the person to say if he was recovering well or not”

He reiterated that he is “not someone who leaves interviews because [he has] to talk about Marc, if [he has] to answer a question about him [he’s] open to doing so, but not twenty”

“Anyway, that’s life, I’m very lucky to share it with my brother, but each one has his own life and on the track we’re two different people. He has his way and does his job, and I do the same”

Honda’s Pol Espargaro thinks that “that when the technology is so high, the human begins to have less capacity for improvisation” [Motosan]

He further explained how “the electronics do not allow [them] to open [the throttle] earlier or only at the perfect point, when the traction is given to perfection by the electronics”

He also pointed out how when they “have a Ducati in front with 20,000 wings, it prevents [them] from catching the slipstream [due to] turbulence and you cannot get behind or overtake”

He also suggested that there comes a point when “riders have less say. When one bike works perfectly, the others are a bit affected”

“But it is what it is, it is the elite level of motorcycling and the factories invest a lot of money. The rider is important, but so is the factory”

His teammate Marc Marquez has suggested that “it’s [been] two years without a holiday and [he needs] a holiday right now” [Motorpsort]

His “plan if the arm permits, [is] to ride more with the motorbike because at the moment [he just goes] race by race”

He further elaborated that he wants to “try to ride more days before Austria GPs and introduce a lot of bikes into [his] physical training”

Moto3 championship leader Pedro Acosta has revealed that “[Kevin] Schwantz was always [his] dad’s idol” [MCN Sport]

“I’ve seen many of his races with him, over and over again. When I was a kid, I always wore the #34 on my bikes”, Acosta added

Retired world champion Kevin Schwantz, meanwhile, finds it “difficult to see Valentino now, in the positions he is today, where he qualifies in the last positions and then see where he finishes” [Motorcycle Sports]

He added that Rossi has “never been this far in his entire career. It’s very dangerous. Not only he isn’t competitive but he crashes regularly… these crashes don’t seem like him”

Has the role of the rider become less important in MotoGP because of the increased use of electronics?

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